100820 Sambalpuri Patchwork Saree

100820 Sambalpuri Patchwork Saree

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 Sambalpuri Handloom Cotton patchwork saree with Blause ..
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Country of Origin: India
Saree Weave Speciality: The colours of  Sambalpuri Handloom patchwork saree are mesmerizing and even more astonishing is the simple method they use to produce bold geometrical designs.
Weave Type:
sambalpuri Handloom patchwork saree
Weave Style:
Sambalpuri patchwork saree is a weaving style that employs resist dyeing technique to impart colors to the yarns before their interlacement. The fabric woven in this technique shows a feathered and hazy pattern which is a wonderful classic in its own way.
hand-woven fantasy, the Sambalpuri patchwork saree is a reflection of its stimulating traditional roots and artistic intricacy. An elegant illustration of the glories of past with contemporary chicness, the Sambalpuri patchwork saree will transform any woman into an artist’s muse.The Journey of Sambalpuri: The Saga of an Unending SareeThe story of Sambalpuri weaves is one of mythology and magic. With its roots dipped in the Indian epics and tradition, the Sambalpuri weaves have lasted the test of time owing to the extraordinary craftsmanship of the weavers. It is believed by Padmashree Haldhar Nag, an eminent poet from Odisha that Krishna draped the Sambalpuri around Draupadi, a saree so long that it had no end.Praised for the immaculate artistry, the Sambalpuri makers are dwellers of Orissa. Unique in the making and exquisite in its designs, the Sambalpuri weave reflects an ancient handicraft called BandhaKala. The yarns are tied in accordance with the desired pattern to prevent absorption of dyes in the other areas. It is then dyed with colours that are made by the artisans. The weaves are praised for their vibrant colours and intricate designs, often inspired by the traditional motifs seen occurring at the major temples of Odisha. More recently, the makers are experimenting with the themes and colours for an enhanced contemporary appeal...

Note :
It is not possible to accept return or exchange fabrics at our part as these are cut and supplied as per the order quantity for stitching saree....

👉• Colour hues may slightly vary from that which appears in the image
👉• Minor irregularities is the uniqueness of handlooms and makes each piece exquisite
Washing Instructions
👉• Suggested dry cleaning
👉• Do not squeeze or wring
👉• Dry on clean horizontal surface under shade
👉• Store in clean and dry place, away from insects, dust, excessive light and moisture
Additional Information
👉Please contact if you want a different design and different colour...👇
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