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Payment Policy

You’ll find it being Quick and Easy!
You can submit your order by using our shopping cart system. We offer many payment methods like Credit/Debit Cards, Mobile payments, Netbanking, manual Bank deposits. Just ensure that billing and shipping address are correctly entered. It’s quick and very easy.

Easy Steps

1. Find the Product(s) that you want to purchase.
2. Click “Add to Cart” button. Keep on adding all your selected products.  You can change options or filter your selection of products  on ‘view cart’  page all at one place.
3. When you’ve finalized selection,  click the “Checkout” button to submit your order,
4. During checkout process provide your billing/shipping addresses, and then you will choose a choice of payment methods such as Credit Card, net banking and Call2Pay (please call us if you use this option).
5. Then submit your order by clicking  “Place my Order” button.

We receive your order, and an invoice copy is mailed to you.

Payment Options:


👉We partnered with  Razorpay Secure

👉payments for card processing…

👉Accepting all major

👉6 Credit Cards,

👉58+ Net Banking

👉98+ Debit Cards,

👉13 ATM Cards

👉13 Prepaid Instruments,

👉14 Bank EMI options &

👉Mobile payments
Cash on Delivery (COD)

👉5% extra charge will apply on COD orders.

👉You will have to pay ₹ 200 advance in COD order. 

👉After deducting advance of Rs 200, the remaining payment will have to be given after the parcel reaches you.

👉If the product is demage or colour change then it is returned your payment 200 rupees